Fake Meat Flunks L.A. Times Taste Test

A food critic from the Los Angeles Times did a taste test of 22 fake meats and the results were not pretty.  The products were rated on a curve where the perfect score is achieved by landing… Read More
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Titanium Dioxide in Fake Meat: What is It?

Titanium dioxide, a chemical compound identified as TiO2, is a white substance that forms when titanium oxidizes. While it is commonly used as a whitening pigment in paints and sunscreen lotions, it has also been used to change the color of fake meats, especially fake poultry. Read More
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Lawsuit: Few Veggies in Plant-Based Meat

“Plant-based” meat sounds like it’d be healthy, but these products are full of industrial ingredients. Now the legal sharks are circling. A California consumer has filed a lawsuit against Kellogg, owner of MorningStar Farms, which produces “veggie burgers,” “veggie dogs,” and other products with “ve… Read More
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Should We Be Concerned About Soy-Based “Nuggets”?

Impossible Foods’ newly released “nugget” is an ultra-processed imitation of real chicken nuggets. It’s full of additives. Over 30 ingredients in total. The main ingredient in this nugget concoction (besides water) is soy. Is it good for us? Soy is a controversial ingredient. It has long been seen a… Read More
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What is Fake Meat?

Real meat requires one ingredient: meat. The same cannot be said for synthetic meat.  Many of the fake meat alternatives on the market today are new concoctions filled with artificial ingredients. They lack the nutrients of real meat while offering no health benefits.  Fake… Read More
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Mycoprotein “Fungus Meat” Misses Key Nutrients of Real Meat

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates believe fungus meat is the future of the fake meat industry, but even a billionaire’s endorsement cannot make the flaws of fungus meat disappear.  The fungus-based proteins in meat alternatives are formally known as… Read More
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Bill Gates: Let Them Eat Soy

The people advocating for real meat alternatives are no longer just animal rights extremists. Now, environmentalists and billionaire tech gurus have gotten in the mix. Bill Gates has invested tens of millions into companies making ultra-processed imitations of meat, and he has said he wants… Read More
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What’s in Milk Alternatives?

Milk alternatives such as soy, almond, or oat “milk” are often painted as healthier alternatives to real milk. But a quick look through the ingredients shows milk alternatives can look a lot more like soda than real dairy milk. Real Milk Real milk consists solely of… Read More
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Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Lack ‘Vital’ Nutrition Found In Real Meat

No matter how many sketchy additives the folks behind plant-based meat stuff into their burgers to imitate real meat, their patties are not as nutritious as the real deal.  Researchers at Duke University found plant-based meat alternatives were missing key metabolites… Read More
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Will Lawsuit Show Beyond Meat Dirty Secrets?

Beyond Meat, one of the leading purveyors of ultra-processed fake meat, has been tangled in litigation with its former manufacturer. The litigation involves Beyond Meat, founded in 2009, and Don Lee Farms, a California-based manufacturer of fake meat that has been in operation for decades. Read More
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