Bill Gates Wants You to Eat Ultra-Processed Goop

At some point, Bill Gates changed from “rich computer genius” to a guy who has some bold and unsettling designs for everyone else to follow. The latest Marie Antoinette moment from Gates comes in an interview about his new book, in which Gates declares that the United States,… Read More

How Do They Grow Cell-Based Meat?

A new type of fake meat is on the rise–and it could come with questionable ingredients. Cell-cultured meat is one of the hotter future trends in food startups. Following in the footsteps of plant-based meat alternatives, which try to mimic the… Read More

Synthetic Meat Goes to War—With Synthetic Meat

We’ve been critical of synthetic meat analogues because, contrary to what these companies want you to believe, these products are not actually healthier than real meat. That’s according to dietitians, who note that there’s essentially the same amount of fat and calories in real meat and fake meat, w… Read More

What’s Lurking in Fake Meat? It Might Be Heavy Metals

Today we are releasing new test results that show detectable levels of heavy metals arsenic, lead, and cadmium in some fake meat products–enough in some instances to appear to trigger Proposition 65. Prop 65 is a California law that requires a warning when consumers are exposed to chemicals th… Read More
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Who Wants Plant-Based Meat During a Disaster? Apparently No One.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; these photos look as though they’re worth a couple thousand dollars of “plant-based meat” left on the shelves. As The Wall Street Journal put it, “The Beyond Meat isn’t flying off the shelves.” As customers flock to… Read More
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Ad: Does Fake Meat Need a Cancer Warning?

As part of our campaign to educate the public of the true nature of plant-based meat, we are running a commercial highlighting the presence of carcinogens in “so-called“ plant-based meat when cooked. The commercial is only 15 seconds but packs a powerful punch. Independent lab… Read More
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Ad: WARNING: Plant-Based Meat Can Have This Carcinogen

Today we’re publishing a new ad in our national campaign about synthetic meats. The ad has run The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times and questions whether plant-based meats need a cancer warning label. Shocked? You certainly might be if, like many unknowing consumers… Read More
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Impossible Foods is Full of Poop

Impossible Foods and its CEO, Pat Brown, are full of it. During the Super Bowl, we aired an ad featuring a synthetic meat spelling bee. The ad showed kids attempting to spell some of the industrial additives you’ll find in plant-based “meat” products. These additives include methylcellulose, propyle… Read More
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Super Bowl Ad: Can you spell G-R-O-S-S?

On Sunday night’s Super Bowl between the 49ers and the Chiefs, we are running a commercial highlighting the chemicals used in “so-called“ plant-based meat. The ad takes place at a school spelling bee, except these aren’t ordinary words.  The words the students are spelling aren’t your… Read More
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CCF Health + Wellness Team

Ad: Dog Food or Fake Meat?

Fake meat may try to mimic the look and taste of meat, but its ingredients are closer to mimicking dog food.  As part of our ongoing campaign to educate the public on the true nature of synthetic meat, we took out an ad… Read More
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