Fake Meat’s “Safety” Narrative Implodes

Animal rights activists have long tried to claim that “plant-based” meats are safer than real meat. But a recent outbreak that left at least one person hospitalized destroyed that narrative. At least 470 people suffered severe digestive problems after consuming plant-based… Read More
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Americans Want Clearer Labels on Fake Meat: Poll

The terms “nuggets” and “wings” are automatically associated with real, tasty chicken. But lately, fake meat companies have been co-opting the terms on their labels to get consumers to buy their “plant-based” synthetic meat. A new survey finds that Americans are… Read More
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New Study: Fake Meat Can’t Deliver the Nutrients of Real Meat

The protein found in plant-based fake meat products doesn’t absorb into human cells as well as real protein from real meat, according to a new study. The study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, compared real… Read More
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Lab-Grown Meat Proponents Fight Transparency

Four animal rights organizations recently submitted a joint public comment to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) asking for less transparency into lab-grown meat. Sometimes referred to as cell-cultured meats, lab-grown meat isn’t traditional meat from a farm animal. It’s grown in a chemic… Read More
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Fake Meat Flunks L.A. Times Taste Test

A food critic from the Los Angeles Times did a taste test of 22 fake meats and the results were not pretty.  The products were rated on a curve where the perfect score is achieved by landing… Read More
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Titanium Dioxide in Fake Meat: What is It?

Titanium dioxide, a chemical compound identified as TiO2, is a white substance that forms when titanium oxidizes. While it is commonly used as a whitening pigment in paints and sunscreen lotions, it has also been used to change the color of fake meats, especially fake poultry. Read More
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Lawsuit: Few Veggies in Plant-Based Meat

“Plant-based” meat sounds like it’d be healthy, but these products are full of industrial ingredients. Now the legal sharks are circling. A California consumer has filed a lawsuit against Kellogg, owner of MorningStar Farms, which produces “veggie burgers,” “veggie dogs,” and other products with “ve… Read More
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Should We Be Concerned About Soy-Based “Nuggets”?

Impossible Foods’ newly released “nugget” is an ultra-processed imitation of real chicken nuggets. It’s full of additives. Over 30 ingredients in total. The main ingredient in this nugget concoction (besides water) is soy. Is it good for us? Soy is a controversial ingredient. It has long been seen a… Read More
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What is Fake Meat?

Real meat requires one ingredient: meat. The same cannot be said for synthetic meat.  Many of the fake meat alternatives on the market today are new concoctions filled with artificial ingredients. They lack the nutrients of real meat while offering no health benefits.  Fake… Read More
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Mycoprotein “Fungus Meat” Misses Key Nutrients of Real Meat

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates believe fungus meat is the future of the fake meat industry, but even a billionaire’s endorsement cannot make the flaws of fungus meat disappear.  The fungus-based proteins in meat alternatives are formally known as… Read More
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