Opinion: ‘Plant-Based Meat’ Is All Hat and No Cattle

Beyond Meat’s stock has tumbled back to Earth after peaking at $234.90 a share in late July. The “plant-based meat” company’s stock closed at $81.45 Tuesday, and it may be the beginning of worse to come. What if the alt-meat industry turns out to be a nothingburger? Beyond Meat’s… Read More
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Opinion: Let Them Eat Steak

Imagine ordering dinner at your favorite restaurant. You know what you want without hesitation: a perfectly marbled 8-ounce steak cooked medium-rare. Just before you order, your date tells you they’ve read that cows cause climate change and that meat might be unhealthy. Suddenly, the Caesar salad se… Read More

Opinion: Are Meatless “Burgers” Really a Healthy Alternative?

Summer is the perfect time to get together with family and friends while cooking burgers on the grill, but this year there may be a new offering on the party menu: fake meat. Once derided as discs that taste like cardboard, veggie burgers have seen a recent resurgence. A number… Read More